Combined Meso:Btox and Ultimate Toning treatment

Meso-Btox is “The needle free alternative to Botox injections” This is a new highly effective and totally non-invasive treatment where we combine Mesotheraphy with our “Ultimate toning” treatment, providing Non-Surgical face lifting. This combination gives maximum results for our clients. We use a Needleless Cryoderm machine coupled with our Ultimate Toning machine. Visible effects are noticeable immediately after the first treatment. Every further session intensifies the effects with the skin becoming smoother, more elastic, brighter and healthier.


We use Advanced Skin Technologies “Diamond Tip Abrasion” which removes dead skin cells, imperfections, blemishes, wrinkles and any unwanted pigmentation on the skin. We introduce various cocktails such as Mesotherapy BTOX (a Botox effect complex) and Mesotherapy Hydrafill (a filler) deep into the dermal layers of the skin by using ultrasound technology instead of injection, allowing us to perform a transdermal infusion of products. This is designed and formulated, to create a no needle alternative to Botox. Treatments are safe, fast and effective. The treatments will give you immediate visible natural results. Your skin will feel nourished tightened and lifted. Our clients find that their friends start to comment on how well they are looking after a couple of treatments. Most report very significant and noticeable improvements by the fourth treatment.
COMBINED Treatment Offer
A Free initial Consultation
Single Combined treatment: RRP £115 our price £75.00
Buy a course of 6 and only pay for 5, at a cost of £375 (£62.50 per treatment)
Initially a course of 6 treatments is recommended to get optimum improvement to the skin..


Microdermabrasion is a deep exfoliating treatment. The skin’s surface is polished and the top layer of dead skin cells removed, revealing new living cells, whilst restoring a healthy refreshed glow. The epidermis layer of the skin is rejuvenated, meaning collagen production is stimulated. This leaves your skin feeling plumped and minimises the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
We use Dermal Aesthetics, advanced skin technology, Cryoderm Diamond Tip Abrasion system. This is a non-invasive method of rejuvenation by means of mechanical exfoliation without the use of aggressive crystals, chemicals or laser. By gently working away tired aged surface skin layers, you will be enabling new skin cell regeneration, which can dramatically improve surface skin texture and appearance. This leaves skin looking rejuvenated and radiant whilst, at the same time, reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Exfoliation happens gradually and since the diamond tip heads are available in 3 different grades, treatments are accessible to all skin types regardless of sensitivity levels.

Microdermabrasion Treatment 30 minutes £25


Ultimate Facial Toning System – Non surgical face lifts

The non-surgical face lift treatments we offer use dual output alternating faradic and galvanic micro-current to allow us to achieve both facial toning and improved circulation. Using both faradic and galvanic micro-current, enables us to stimulate muscle fibres to achieve a toning effect and improve the surface skin texture. The current is used at an intensity to bring maximum results in minimal time with minimal discomfort. When using the galvanic micro-current alone it improves the circulation to both the skin and the muscle cells, improving the surface skin appearance.
The treatment involves systematically moving probes facial point to facial point, gently lifting and toning the 12 essential zones of the face.

We offer 4 individual treatment options

Classical Facial lift
A facial to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while improving overall muscle tone.
1 hour £45

Intensive Eye Treatment
An eye treatment to reduce fine lines dark circles and puffiness. Brows are lifted to effectively open and awaken tired looking eyes.
30 minutes £22

Neck and Décolleté
A treatment concentrating on the neck and upper chest area to refine skin tone, improve texture, soften and tighten skin.
30 minutes £22

Lunchtime Lift Programme
A combined deep muscle toning and lifting treatment applied to areas of the face and neck. The treatment is used for a quick boost to provide an immediate noticeable lift before an evening out.
30 minutes £30

We recommend you arrive at least 10-15mins before your treatment time to allow you to relax and unwind and take advantage of our complementary refreshments and Wi-Fi.